The Cuthbert family have a proud heritage as bakers and have been producing bread for six generations.


For the past 21 years, Jack Cuthbert’s Bakery in Midleton, County Cork has been producing some of Ireland’s finest handmade bread and baked goods.

The team at Cuthbert’s takes pride in making bread using traditional processes with simple, natural ingredients, produced in a highly innovative bakery that uses some of the most sophisticated and environmentally friendly technologies available.


The Cuthbert family has proud heritage of baking and they have been producing bread for six generations.

The art of baking has been passed from father to son through generations of the Cuthbert family. Jack began baking artisan bread and cakes when he was just 14 years old.

Jack Cuthbert’s Bakery opened its first premises at the Kinsale Road roundabout in Cork in 1993, before later moving to a custom built bakery in Midleton Co. Cork. Since then Jack Cuthbert’s Bakery has become one of the best-known handmade bread producers in Ireland.

We take pride in baking handmade bread using traditional process with simple, natural ingredients.


Patented Fermentation Process:

Jack Cuthbert’s Bakery developed a unique and patented fermentation process that removes the need for dough improvers, producing a much more natural product while reducing the amount of time and energy consumed during production.

Pezo Pan:
Jack Cuthbert developed his now famous Pezo Pan – a unique loaf inspired by Italian recipes made using a lighter, sweeter dough.


Jack Cuthbert’s Bakery is committed to the highest standards of food safety and quality. Our bakery uses a comprehensive system of quality assurance and HACCP is in place at every step of its production processes with the hope to achieve BRC accreditation in the next 18 months.


As a food producer, we understand the importance of preserving a pristine environment and minimising our impact on the natural world.

We have an environmentally friendly ethos and constantly look at new and innovative ways to reduce our ecological footprint.

Jack Cuthbert’s Bakery works with the EPA’s Cleaner Greener Production Programme (CGPP) and we have set up our own ‘green team’ to constantly look at ways of reducing our energy and water usage and minimise our waste production.